Greek Production

Whole reed 20-25mm
with galvanized wire

Reed roll 200 (H) × 300 cm

Reed roll 250(Υ) × 300 cm

Reed roll 150(Υ) × 500 cm

Reed roll 300(Υ) × 300 cm

Reed sticks 250 (H) x 3.5-4.5 cm cross section
Packaging 30 pieces: 45€

* prices include 24% VAT

Reeds are intended for professional use
fences - pergolas - fencing – decoration

Reeds have been growing in the Greek countryside for centuries and have been an indispensable material for people as they were initially used for building houses.

Reeds are only found in fertile plains with plenty of water and moisture. One of the areas they grow in, is the plain of Arta.
That is why we chose this area as our craft headquarters.
We harvest the two-year-old cane and process it to produce the ideal product for shade, fencing, pergola and decoration.

It is harvested from December to March. Once it has been harvested, we store it in our facilities until it is processed and transformed.

The reed remains unchanged in extreme weather conditions such as high or low temperatures and strong winds.
Excellent Greek-produced reed.
Offering great quality, durability and aesthetics.

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